Buy my new book Video Smart before midnight Sunday October 10th and I will donate my online workshop to your favorite teacher

Update: Because we have more space available in the teacher workshop we have extended the offer.

Video communication is more important now than ever, and people in all lines of work are seeing the benefits of good video communication skills. I’m personally moved by how teachers all over the world are quickly adapting, driven to learn more about how to use the camera lens as a powerful tool in providing quality education.

In celebration of my book launch, I’d like to give back to the teaching community by donating a training session specifically for teachers: How to teach virtually (value $150). It’s hands on, and it’s full of practical tips and advice on how to engage your online classroom through a camera lens. Here’s how it works: When you buy my new book “Video Smart” before midnight October 10th, I will donate the training session to a teacher of your choice. Every book sold will get an educator in – for free.

Keep reading to find out how.

Video Smart Book

Here is how it works:

Purchase my book using the link below (amazon only), on before midnight Saturday the 10th of October .

Make a screenshot of your purchase

Email the screenshot and the name (and email) of your favorite teacher to:

I would also love to hear about why you signed up the teacher of your choice.

Purchase here #ad:

What is Next?

You will receive an email confirmation.

If you don’t have an email address for the teacher right away, don’t worry, we will request it later.

One week before the workshop the teacher will receive a video in which Pelpina explains their first assignment. And we will also provide more details about the live workshop.

The live workshop will be scheduled on Saturday October 24th, but will become available for viewing afterwards.

My book Video Smart

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