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What if I tell you, that you too can make effective business videos? All you need is your smartphone and a good plan.

I've developed several learning tools that capture years of experience in video & TV (production and presentation), combined with training hundreds of companies/professionals in making business videos. 

Ready to make some videos? Let's get started! 

Smartphone Video Academy

The best way to learn to make better videos, is by doing! But we all learn differently. That's why I've developed different ways you too can learn hands-on how make business videos with your smartphone. You pick what best fits you:

- Pelpina's video academy opens twice a year for a small group of motivated professionals ready to kickstart their video production skills. Share this hands-on journey with a group of like-minded people by learning and growing together.

- Smartphone video eCourse   Get ready for 7 modules, 30 lessons and over 20+ tutorial videos that'll equip you with everything you need to make your own professional video. From planning, filming, to video apps and even a bonus lesson on camera presentation. The eCourse is perfect if you want to learn all the basics smartphone video skills on your own pace.

- 'Video Smart' book  This book captures years of experience in online video and TV production, combined with training thousands of individuals, companies, entrepreneurs in creating social business videos with the smartphone. It's a practical guide on how to make your own business videos, but keeping it simple: with just your smartphone and a good plan. Book is currently being translated, expected fall 2019.




Do you (or your team) want to learn how to make smartphone videos independently? Get your own video coach to work on your personal video goals, answer your burning questions, and work in a very effective and personal way towards your video goals.

How it works...

  • We start with an intake conversation: we define you/your team's personal learning goals. Whether it's editing, on-camera presentation, or filming techniques: let's come up with a plan that meets your goals.
  • We put together a customized video learning plan for your specific needs. Duration of coaching is usually 3 weeks.
  • You will get access to the online academy 'Smartphone Video' which includes a ton of information (30+ modules and 20+ instruction videos).
  • We continually guide you through the coaching weeks and give personal feedback on the exercises, we can even guide you in editing your video on your own phone for example.

OUR GOAL: To professionally kickstart your video production. When you've finished, you'll have the right skills, tools and motivation to make effective business videos for a lifetime!


3 Week Cutsom Videocoach Digital Trajectory:  795 Euros
Email me for enrollment times: pelpina at gmail dot com. 



Incompany Training

Get ready for an inspiring, knowledge-dropping and hands-on incompany training. I can come by your company (virtually is an option too), to train you/your team in making effective social videos with smartphones.  I share my knowledge and insight of working years in TV production, video/podcast production, and online marketing. But mostly, you/your team will be learning by doing! The courses that I currently teach the most:

  • Making videos with your phone: from preparing, to  interviewing people,  to vlogging, audio- and light  techniques, and editing with the newest apps.
  • Business vlogs on your phone: how do you come across best on camera, presentation techniques, interview tips,  audio- and light techniques, and editing with the newest apps.
  • General social video marketing : thinking of video formats and making a video plan , preparing video optimization and video distribution
  • Aimed at social video: video strategy for YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram

This is how we'll do it...

  • We start with an extensive intake conversation: tell me what you or the team want to learn.  Together we will formulate the learning goals.
  • Based on the learning goals, I will put together the training program.
  • The training follows. This could be a half day, one day, or two day training, depending on your goals.
  • It is also an option for the team to participate in one of my e-courses in combination with the in person workshop.
  • Two weeks after the training: "Whatsapp aftercare" for feedback, on for example self made videos or video format plans.

incompany rate groups depends on location/travel time. On average:
1-day 2500 excl. tax/traveling exp. max 10 ppl
half day: 995 excl. tax/traveling exp. max 10 ppl

Email me: pelpina at for a personalized plan for your team.


“Pelpina gave an inspiring presentation. There were a lot of appealing examples in the session, and we also tested live. Excellent to have a hands-on presentation in this way!” Lieke Witte

The Dutch Postcode Lottery

“With her enthusiasm for online video and her sparkling personality, Pelpina captivated everyone during the training! The result: a team of enthusiasts set up a video team, the first three videos are finished and there’s going to be a lot more coming! “ Eline Roelfsema


“Pelpina has the gift to tell you about video marketing with great passion, in which she does not lose sight of the goal. You automatically get excited and want to get started right away!” Chantal Bok

ANWB (The Royal Dutch Touring Club)

“Pelpina gave the workshop in a very pleasant, fresh, open and relaxed way. It is very difficult to say something about film making in such a short time that really sticks, but Pelpina certainly succeeded. What I also liked was that she did not think her vision was ‘sacred’ but that she was open to input from the participants and immediately did something with it. “ Marjolein van Slooten

The Public Prosecution Service (Dutch: Openbaar Ministerie)

“Finally, a hands-on workshop in which you actually record videos online and learn the indispensable basics of editing and online distribution! Pelpina shows you her smartly designed ‘DIY’ studio, shares her technical how-to’s about lighting and sound, lets you operate her professional equipment yourself and gives you immediate applicable tips so that you or your subject can get on screen in the best way. Pelpina gives substance to the practice with relevant strategy and real life cases, but unlike the umpteenth online video ‘evangelist’, with Pelpina you don’t get drowned in a theoretic sermon. In short, a must for anyone who wants to get started with online video! “ Nancy Vermaire

Freelance online communication advisor

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