Learn to make smartphone videos like a pro with this in depth 5-step guide. Available globally! 


Smartphone Video Like a Pro

Make effective business videos with the camera in your pocket
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Follow my eCourse ‘smartphone video like a pro.’ In 7 extensive modules, with more than 30 video tutorials, and even more info tips/tricks. Great for when you want to learn independently, and the best part: you can start immediately!


Learn to make videos with your phone, or become more confident on camera with one of my interactive courses. You can ask questions and send in your assignments to get feedback. Check the start dates!


I can help you one-on-one with your video goals. We’ll work on your personal goals in a 2-week personal coaching trajectory, or jump on a video boost-call with me!

Let's get you the right tools, knowledge & confidence to make effective business videos.

(And all you need is your phone)

“With her enthusiasm for online video and her sparkling personality, Pelpina captivated everyone during the training! The result: a team of enthusiasts set up a video team, the first three videos are finished and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more coming! “.
Eline Roelfsema

Marketing, eOffice

Connect, sell & grow with video.

Video is effective. And making videos has never been this easy. All you need is a smartphone and a good plan.  

“Pelpina is a rare breed. Talented, hard working, and a solid communicator. She is passionate and truly cares about any project she takes on. Whether on camera or on stage, Pelpina delights audiences with educational, relevant, and entertaining content.” 
Shama Hyder

CEO, Zen Media

Never before has making videos been this easy. Your smartphone is all in one: camera, editor, publisher.

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