So you want to know more about me?

In a nutshell:

I love video!

I love video! I specialize in social video for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
I am an independent video consultant & producer, speaker, and author specialized in short online video productions and (social) video marketing. I stand in front of & behind the camera, and give video workshops and sessions in which I help people with video strategy and video productions.

My most important job is being a mom to Liam, Davin and Noa, and if I am not involved with online video, I love to go out with my husband and kids: preferably somewhere where it is green and quiet!

Background and video experience

I was a TV presenter / producer for (national) American TV, I produced / presented my own daily podcast, and I did online marketing for various brands. And the combination of all those skills is actually what makes me a “one-man band”. This means that I can do everything myself: writing / storyboarding, shooting, presenting / voice-over, video editing, optimization, marketing and promotion. But, that does not mean that I always do everything myself (I regularly give things away), but I am well acquainted with every part of the video (marketing) process, and find it super fun to help other people.

A bright yellow cassette recorder

One of the best presents I got when I was a little girl was a bright yellow cassette recorder. I recorded whole shows (and no, they will never see the light of day haha!!) The first time I was behind a microphone in a professional setting was when I was 11, as presenter at a small local radio station in my hometown.  When I was 16 I went to college and studied Media and Entertainment. After 2 years I flew to America (Texas) where I studied Electronic News and Journalism, and was able to truly pursue my passion for multimedia! Besides studying in school I was also able to be a also camera operator for the school’s football team Mean Green, I was a presenter and producer at NTTV and ambassador for the university.

Camera nerves

But my first “real” job was as a webproducer at CW, a TV network in Dallas.
I pushed the newsroom to use social media (still a relatively new concept back then), and my boss thought I would be able to show that passion in front of the camera. So before I knew it I had 3 live segments on the news, 5 days a week, in one of the biggest markets in America.  I few times a year I made short reports on internet trends, viral videos, and social media. Fan-tas-tic! I quickly became the ‘social media reporter’ and went out on the road for reports.One of those was about Cali Lewis, a woman with her own daily technology podcast that built a successful online empire.

Switch to ‘the web’

After that, Luria Petrucci (Cali Lewis) asked if I wanted to work with her… on a new podcast.. my own podcast! I didn’t have to think about it very long (how odd..).  Luria taught me all the ins and outs of the online video world. Because, wow it’s so different from TV! I learned a whole new way of presenting, writing, editing, – and learned about internet promotion and marketing. For a year I intensely and with a lot of fun worked on this podcast, and learned a ton.  Before I started I for example didn’t even know what affiliate marketing. And while working there I even got to interview Leo Laporte en Shira Lazar!

Starting on my own

After a year I made a (big) decision, and started my own company, woohoo!  My combined knowledge of TV, social media, and podcasting was perfect for helping people with media production/marketing. Together with Mark Zamora I worked on a bunch of fun productions for, Chili’s, National Geographic, Frankwatching, and the Marketing Zen Group.

Make beautiful things

In 2014 we moved back to the Netherlands.

I want to share the knowledge that I’ve gained and make others excited about online media, and make a ton of beautiful things together!


And you?

What can I do for you? How can we help each other? I give video workshops and presentations, make/present videos (also fluent in American English), and I can help you with questions about your YouTube channel or a video campaign. Whatever it is, send me an email ( – I’d love to meet you.