Social Videos of <60 Sec>

I specialize in short, powerful videos for YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. Videos of <60 seconds that motivate, inspire, or move your viewers.

Since 2008 I have made thousands of video and TV segments of about 1 minute, and I know exactly how to cast your message in <60 seconds. I help you from creative video concept to end product on social media.

First we brainstorm together about the content: how to tell and visualize your message in 60 seconds? We adapt the (interactive) production to the channels of your choice, because watching a video on YouTube is different from Facebook!

I also specialize in video marketing on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. I make sure that your videos will be interactive (not old-fashioned corporate videos or commercials where people click away quickly) and optimize the videos for search engines.

With short, social videos, you will get seen.  Together we will ensure that your message hits the right people, with your videos of just 60 seconds!