Top Smartphone Video Gear:
My 2022 List


What’s in my Video Gear bag: 2022 version! 

So you’re scrolling through a bunch of different microphones that all look similar to you. Or you’re comparing a ton of different tripods, but you’re not quite sure what to look for. And when do you finally buy some random ring light, it falls apart after using it barely three times…

No worries, you can stop scrolling and comparing, I’ve got ya! I make videos with my phone daily. I test video tools and equipment all the time, from the best smartphone holders to microphones. And… I have gathered my favorite gear in one list for you.

Here are my current top favorite tools to use when I create videos with my phone. Welcome to a peak in my gear bag!

Best Wireless Smartphone Microphone: DJI Mic

 My current favorite microphone is the DJI mic. I started testing it a few months ago, and have successfully used it in several business videos. This is a wireless microphone set, that works with both iPhone and Android. The DJI mic set comes with two microphones (senders that are also mini-recorders), one receiver, a box that double-functions as a USB-C charger, and windscreens. What I love most about this microphone is that it’s super easy to use. Simply plug in your phone, and start filming! No extra cables or apps needed. That’s one of the main differences between this mic and the Rode Wireless Go, which I love as well. The sound quality is great, even filming outdoors. I’ve tried it up to 10 meters and it worked great. The DJI mic is a bit pricey compared to other wireless brands/microphones (it’s around $300), but in this case: you truly get your money’s worth.


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Best Wired Smartphone Microphone: Rode Smartlav+

The second microphone that is always in my bag: the Rode Smartlav+. It’s been my favorite lavalier (clip-on) microphone for years now. The sound quality of this small microphone is great, and the mic is very easy to use. Plug and play. This microphone is small and discrete, and it has a good windscreen. It’s about $60 depending on country/region and availability. One downside: the standard cable on this microphone is a bit too short for interview videos, in my opinion, so make sure you get it with an extension cable. 

A great inexpensive alternative to the Rode microphones is the Boya Brand. The BOYA BY-M1DM, for example, works great on most phones.

Top Mini Tripod: Benro BK10

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Also always in my bag: one (or several) BenroBK10 mini tripods. This is a selfie-stick and small tripod in one that’s about $30. I love that it can film both landscape (horizontally) and vertically, so it’s perfect for both website/YouTube videos and Instagram/TikTok. This tripod comes with a bluetooth remote, which is great if you’re filming or taking pictures by yourself. This Benro is a great little tripod to get stable shots, and the height is perfect for filming interviews at a table or desk. These things have survived in my bag for years…and have survived many video workshops with inexperienced filmmakers, so I can assure you that the quality is good!

Best Tripod & Smartphone Mounts

For bigger video shoots, I film with one or several tripods in combination with a smartphone mount. Tripods come in all sizes, weights, heights, and qualities. When you’re just starting out,  mainly look for: tripod weight (especially if you bring it along often) max height (for filming interviews at eye-level), and whether the tripod has a leveler (so your shots aren’t crooked). Most tripods don’t come with a smartphone mount, so you’ll need to buy a separate holder to put your smartphone on the tripod.

Top Smartphone Mount: Joby Grip Tight Pro

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My favorite smartphone mount to use with a tripod is the Joby Grip Tight Pro. I love this one because it easily switches between landscape and vertical filming. So, this is perfect if you often have to switch while filming, to create landscape shots (YouTube/website) and also vertical shots (Instagram/TikTok). The Joby Grip tight is around $30 depending on country/region and availability. !I place the Joby Grip Tight Smartphone Holder on my selfie stick or tripod. And this mount has survived in my bag several years now, another piece that’s great quality! 

My Top Smartphone Video Gear 2022: Download Full List

My list of favorite gear doesn’t stop here. If you’d like to get access to the full list of my favorite smartphone video gear, I’ve put it all together in one PDF for you here.  

What’s more important than equipment?

What is way more important than the actual equipment? Whether you know how to use the equipment! 

If you are new to creating videos, or are looking for the next step in your video creation process, definitely follow one of my courses – or check my website for more free video tips. I’m here to help you stop searching/scrolling, and actually start creating videos! 

All you need to create a compelling video? A phone, a good plan, and the right skills. 

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