Video workshop (Half a Day)

videoworkshop nederland amsterdam rotterdam pelpina tripIf you want to learn to produce videos yourself, a hands on workshop would be the way to go. Push camera buttons, write a video plan, and stand in front of the camera!

In a homely, small setting I give you all the knowledge and practical information I have learned over the years in TV production, video / podcast production, and online marketing. From video preparation, to production, presentation and editing.

No more than 5 people participate per workshop, so that I can truly help you with the topics you are interested in yourself. I can also visit companies / universities, which, then it is obviously possible to work in larger groups.

Video production/marketing workshop (half a day)

This is a half day workshop in which we give as much as knowledge possible about the basics for online video production & marketing. In the 1 day workshop you’ll be able to do more yourself (hands-on editing, workin with the cameras, and standing in front of the camera), but if you’ve only got a half day, you can get the basic knowledge in this shortened workshop.  The workshop is given in a small setting, this way it remains accessible and personable. I’ll be able to adjust the workshop to your personal interests and you can of course dive into all the equipment.


“Pelpina has the gift of being very passionate about video marketing, in which she does not lose the goal. You automatically become excited about this subject and want to get started right away! “
Chantal Bok, ANWB (Royal Dutch Touring Club)



What are we going to do?

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Videoworkshop @ e-office

Besides sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, and showing various successful videos and campaigns, we will work hands-on as much as possible! This is what you can expect:
– Success with video in 10 steps
– Basics of shooting video, short overview of camera
– Basics of preparing video: planning, scripts, storyboards
– Basics of  audio:
microphones, recording audio
– Basics of light:
daylight and simple 3-point lighting
– Basics of editing:
simple editing tricks & software
– Spreading video:
uploading, increasing views, SEO

After this workshop you will know…

– How to and why to use video for your goal/brand/company
– The most imporant aspects of a good video
– How to plan a video well, from script to production and marketing.
– The basic techniques for production and video editing.
– The most important things to pay attention to when uploading a video
– How to spread your videos the best way and how to reach the right people


It’s very useful to bring your own laptop (if you don’t have one, that’s alright). All other video equipment is there to use.


Half a day (12pm – 4pm), incl. drinks and snacks.
Location: Pijnacker, NL.

Group: $195 p.p.
1-on-1 session: email
Prices excluding tax


Are you interested in a video workshop, a video training/presentation on location, or do you have a different video question, send me an email at:
We’ll make something beautiful! See you soon :)


“With her enthusiasm for online video and her sparkling personality, Pelpina captivated everyone during the training! The result: a team of enthusiasts set up a video team, the first three videos are finished and there are a lot more coming!”
Eline Roelfsema, e-office

1-on-1 session

In case you’re interested in following just one or a few of the elements above in a workshop or 1-on-1 session, you can do that too (a video editing session for example), more information about that here.


Video Training / Presentation

If you’re interested as a company/organization to integrate video and if you’re looking for training for yyour team, I can come by and give a training or multi-day course. Send me an email ( for more info.

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Videoworkshop @ Dallas