The complete guide to smartphone video

Video Smart is Pelpina’s new book on smartphone video and released on October 6th! It is a practical 5-step guide to creating effective business and social videos with your smartphone, the one camera that’s always on you.

Video Smart is available as a hardcover (all retailers) and as an ebook or paperback (exclusively on amazon)!

Video Smart Book

Learn how to:

  • Create professional shots
  • Apply the right light and audio techniques
  • Implement effective video plans
  • Be more comfortable in front of a camera
  • Optimize videos for social

Make professional videos with your Smartphone

First Pelpina will take you through the steps to create an effective video plan. Next she will take you through the art of filming with your Smartphone, how to be more comfortable on camera and to film and edit faster. Lastly she will explain how to publish your video on different social channels, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Pelpina has tested and selected the best smartphone video apps and production tools for you. In addition she will show you how to optimize your video for publishing it to social media. Every chapter has a unique intro video by Pelpina. These videos will give you a peak behind the scenes of smartphone video creation.

So to conclude, purchase Video Smart today! Then grab your phone, and follow Pelpina to learn her tips, tricks and effective methods to creating engaging videos with impact.

Where to buy

Available worldwide. Get your copy below or check your prefered (local) book store (Hardcover ISBN: 9789083088006).

The Ebook and Paperback version are available exclusively on (click the link below and select your prefered version).

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What industry experts say about Video Smart

“Finally! A book that is perfect for amateur and professionals alike when it comes to smartphone video. Pelpina is here to help take your video skills to the next level. Get this book. You can thank me later. “Shama Hyder, CEO of Zen Media.

“As someone who is exceedingly fussy and particular about business books, the depth at which “Video Smart” goes, and how comprehensive Pelpina was – way surpassed my expectations. Pelpina draws from years of experience working in TV and online video, she just does genuinely knows all the little things. I’ve learned a lot.”Richard Moore, Founder of Entrepreneur Business Live Events

“Best mobile journalist book I’ve seen!” Yusuf Omar, multi-award-winning mobile journalist and smartphone video expert

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About the author:

Pelpina helps companies generate visibility, sales and authority by creating videos with impact. She has trained thousands of professionals to create videos using smartphones.

Pelpina offers a unique combination of expertise with years of experience in journalism, TV, and online video, combined with practical knowledge on apps, social media, and content marketing.

On any regular day, you can find Pelpina hosting a video, filming, editing, making video strategy plans, and sharing her knowledge through training, speaking, and (online) coaching. Please go to her author page on and click follow to keep up to date on future book releases.