STOP FILMING. Get this right before you hit record! ? 

buy cenforce 150mg Do you know the one reason people will watch your videos? It’s not your camera, the amount of pixels, the amazing background or the light. Nope. It’s you! Keep reading for tips on how to come across natural in your videos.

The key is to make a connection with your audience. And if you don’t have that, you may as well not film.

Be human on camera

The first tip is very simple: Don’t talk to the camera lens, but always to a person. The best way to make a connection is by having someone in your mind. Talk to someone you know in real life. It’s best to pick someone that fits within your target audience, whether that is a CEO, marketing expert or stay at home mom or dad. So picture someone that fits within that role. It helps if you picture a person that you know well, such as that friendly co-worker, you neighbor or a cousin that just happens to be a CEO. This tip also works great for those with camera fear.

Remember: don’t talk to the camera lense, but always to a person

The second tip is, don’t try to be perfect. People would like to connect to a real person with flaws and all. Overdo it and you will not come across as real and will fail to make that connection. Therefore don’t read from a word-for-word script. The way you talk is different from what how you write. So write down key point only and then talk on camera as you would to a person.

Remember these key points:

✔️ The number 1 reason people will watch your videos…? Not your awesome camera, amount of pixels or the amazing background. It’s YOU.
✔️ So, be you. Be human. Authentic and real.
✔️ Don’t read from a word-for-word script
✔️ Make a connection. Film with your viewer in mind.

Now that doesn’t mean audio, lights and frame don’t play an important role. Bad audio, lighting and framing can be a huge distraction. So make sure you work on this next.

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